Childhood cataract
He is a child, age between 8 or 9 years old, he came to polyclinic with the chief complain:
Everything turned so cloudy, especially in the morning and the afternoon. His left lens was white. Was that cataract? Why it is occur in such kind of age.


Cataract commonly starting after age 50, it is age related, but sometimes they can begin at a younger age.

As i continue my searching in internet, i found that many may put the increased risk for cataracts, they are:
• Developmental delay
• Premature birth
• Smoker
• Uv exposure
• Personal or family history of cataracts or eye disease
• African-american heritage (african-americans are at increased risk for glaucoma)
• Previous serious eye injury
• Use of certain medications (check with your eye m.d.)
• Some diseases that affect the whole body (such as diabetes or hiv infection)

And the most common cause of unilateral cataract in children is trauma
Then i asked him ‘one year ago, my left eye was got punch by my friend when we were playing smackdown.”
oh my…’


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  1. I have heard that you can not have Lasiks if you have cataracts but I can not find any info on the subject. I have had a cataract in my left eye since childhood but it no way effects my vision.

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